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QStaff AB

Hammarbacken 10

191 49 Sollentuna​

Welcome to QStaff​

Our ability to find the right person fast is well known and a part of our success. We have long experience of staffing, which guarantee that your company gets the right manpower and competence.

With us as collaborators, companies can focus on their main activities and let us handle the staff, our main activity.​

In all form of staff solutions, we have competence- and knowledge alternatives that fits most companies and situations.

Our size makes it able to have a close contact with both clients and personnel. That makes us personal, keen and flexible to our clients needs.

With close to one hundred consultants and a up-to-date candidate bank we have the resources to be the safe and complete supplier of different staffing alternatives.

We can quickly provide our customers with competence in staffing and recruitment and keep the high quality that our clients and consultants demands.​​


QStaff AB

Org nr: 5567277982



Hammarbacken 10

191 49 Sollentuna


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